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Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

The Temporary Activity Visa enables you to temporarily engage in one of the following activities in Australia.

Benefits of a Temporal Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

As long as your visa is valid, you are free to come and go from Australia as often as you choose.

Stay lawfully in Australia for the duration of the appointed post (with maximum stay of 2 years)

Take part in the tasks or activities listed in your application

Bring eligible family members to Australia with you

Important Things To Know Before Applying The Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

If you are applying for a visa in Australia, you must be sponsored by a sponsor who is either a sponsor who passes the sponsorship test or an authorised sponsor for temporary activity.

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Requirements for Visa Applicants

If you are applying from outside of Australia, you must have a stay in Australia planned for no longer than three months and have the assistance of a group or individual who is organising events or engaging in activities there and has met the support criteria.

An authorised sponsor who has passed the sponsorship test must support you.

For the duration of your stay in Australia, you and your family must be supported by enough money and have health insurance.

You must have met the requirements for the activity you have been engaging in while on this visa.

Requirements for Sponsorships

An organisation from Australia (a business, a corporate or incorporate body or a non-profit organisation operating legitimately in Australia)

A legally created Australian government body or state or territory

A foreign government organisation that is legally conducting business in Australia, including trade offices, consular or diplomatic missions, and bureaux for foreign tourists and journalists.

A group, foreign government agency, or government body that legitimately supports Australian sports or sporting events

A religious organisation that the Australian Tax Office has approved as a charity

Having a legitimate business in Australia yet being registered in another nation

Superyacht’s captain, owner, or organisation in charge of running one.

Health and Character Requirements

Evidence of good health or medical tests

Police certifications demonstrating your lack of criminal history

Financial Circumstances and Background

A letter from the financial institutions or bank statements

Employment agreement

Compensation, housing, and other support from the sponsored employer in Australia

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Health Insurance

If your nation does not have a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, you must be protected by the Medicare health program.

English Proficiency Requirement

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) overall band score of 4.5, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) overall band score of 32, or PTE overall band score of 30 (Pearson Test of English)

Other Important Matters

circumstances in the applicant’s country of residence. This may include their own circumstances, such as their employment, family, and future plans, as well as the overall conditions in their nation, such as civil turmoil, economic strife, or famine;

Whether the position has been created to secure the person’s stay in Australia. Delegates should assess whether family members, the applicant’s community etc. have created the position to fit the attributes of the particular person;

Personal characteristics, professional experience, and suitability for the role of the applicant. The applicant’s present occupation, current skill level, and whether they have performed the same or similar work in Australia or abroad are all important considerations.

The applicant’s use of English is appropriate given their endorsed activities (although applicants are not required to undertake English language testing, however if they are to work in Australia that at least a rudimentary knowledge of English should be expected).

Validity of your Visa

The temporary activity visa’s duration is determined by the approved activity:

The visa may be valid for up to 4 years for activities in which invited participants and the Australian Government are supported.

The visa’s validity for the remaining activities is up to two years.

Family Member that are included

To sponsor your family members, your sponsor must agree to do so in writing and must have one on hand if you are sponsored and plan to stay in Australia for a period of time longer than three months.

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