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Do you want to live and work in Australia permanently? The General Skilled Migration(GSM) Visa is a perfect way to get a Visa to work in Australia without an employer sponsoring the visa for you. If you have a skill set that is in demand in Australia, you are eligible for applying under the GSM category.

Its popularity has increased over the years, as it opens you up to getting access to a permanent work visa without being tied down to a single employer

Benefits applying under GSM

Get your General Skilled Visa Today

We aim to make your migration process as easy & stress-free as possible.

Application Process

The application process can be a little stressful and intimidating even for the most educated person,  if you are not familiar with the process that is required for getting a GSM Visa. We have laid out the steps, but for a consultation book an appointment today!

Check for Eligibility

Use our points test system to check if meet the Eligibility of the Skilled Migration Visa, and once it's done an Expression fo Interest can be written up.

Write up an EOI

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is required to be submitted through SkillSelect while you are applying for a Skilled Independent or Skilled Nominated Visa

get a state nomination

You will receive a state nomination (only for 190 or 419) through an invitation from the Australian Government or State Government to Apply for Skilled Visa

apply for GSM Visa

Once you receive a nomination, you are now eligible to apply for a General Skilled Visa, and you have 60 days from the day you receive your nomination to apply

Information that needs to Submitted with your EOI:

You must provide some basic information when submitting your EOI, depending on the type of Visa you are applying for or are eligible for. Here are some of the essential information you need to include for a successful EOI

Your Basic Personal Information (Eg; Name, and Age)

Your previous Work Experience in your skilled Area

Documents that your support your skilled qualifications

Information that verify your English Language Ability ( eg; IELTS)

A skill Assessment document, which speak and relate to your nominated occupation

As of July 2014, the Australian Government has made a Skills Assessment report mandatory as part of the General Skilled Migration Visa process. The Skills assessment report that you receive is valid for up to only 3 years, and shorter if there is a validity period otherwise mentioned on the document.

How We Can Help you with the Visa Application

We aim to make your migration process as easy & stress-free as possible.

We can complete the Skills Assessment Process

You must stick to complicated rules set forth by several Skills Assessment Authorities, and you must submit appropriate documents. We make sure that all submitted materials meet the standards for the skills assessment.

We will review the outcomes of your Points Test.

The process of accurately calculating your points is trickier than most candidates anticipate. We make sure our clients accurately calculate their points and provide guidance on their chances of being invited to apply for a visa.

We will request and Gather all the relevant Documents

In instances where time is of the essence, we make sure that all applications are processed as promptly as possible. Our goal is to submit a decision-ready application, if at all possible.

We can rectify any and all Potential Problems

Before applications are filed, our Registered Migration Agents identify and fix any potential issues. For instance, fix issues with earlier visa applications and request waivers for previously imposed restrictions.

We can translate all your required Documents

We assist with translating any necessary documents, including diplomas, certificates of completion, and letters of recommendation.

For More Information on Your Visa Application Contat Us Today!

One of our Registered Migration Agents will guide you through your Visa Application Process and answer all your questions. Book an Appointment or call us now!



Eden Immigration is registered with the Migration Agent Authority(MARA).  We are committed to helping you find the right solution to your immigration needs.

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