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Skilled Graduate Visa(TR Subclass 485)

You’re an international Student, and you have finally got your degree in Australia that you have worked all these years for. From a great range of course choices, job opportunities, and diverse environments, you have found many more reasons to love Australia.

We know you secretly want to extend your student Visa to explore many more great opportunities Australia has to offer. You don’t need to worry anymore! A temporary Graduate Visa(485 subclass) is a great way to extend your stay in Australia to live or gain valuable work experience in Australia. 

Why apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa?

For recent international graduates who have finished at least two years of study at an Australian educational institution, the Temporary Graduate visa was created as an opportunity to work and live in Australia.

If you are an overseas student who wishes to stay longer in Australia, take advantage of the opportunity. Understand the eligibility requirements procedure before applying for a temporary graduate visa.

However, as a primary applicant, candidates are only permitted to have one temporary visa.

Another benefit from a Temporary Graduate Visa is that your eligible family members can be included in your visa application, which allows you and your family to live, work and study in Australia during duration of your visa.

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Skilled Graduate Visa ( Divided into two Streams)

Graduate Work Stream

If you are a recent graduate, this visa allows you to extend your visa by another 18 months and is applicable to international students that are eligible for:

Students who have finished 2 years of study in Australia

Your course and occupation are listed on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skill set (MLTSSL)

You have a relevant skill assessment report in that occupation 

Post-Study Work Stream:

A visa in this stream allows International Students to extend their Visa for up to 4 years depending on if you meet the eligibility:

You hold an Australian Student Visa

You hold a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate Degree from Australian Education provider, and it is irrespective of the field of your study

Eligibility Criteria for a Temporary Visa

As of July 2014, the Australian Government has made a Skills Assessment report mandatory as part of the General Skilled Migration Visa process. The Skills assessment report that you receive is valid for up to only 3 years, and shorter if there is a validity period otherwise mentioned on the document.

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We aim to make your migration process as easy & stress-free as possible.

Skilled Graduate Visa

Your Study Requirements before you can apply for a Skilled Graduate Visa

If your institutions are registered on Commonwealth registered of Institutions and Courses of Overseas Students

Your course was conducted in English

You took your course in Australia under a valid Australian Student Visa

The course includes a duration of minimum of 92 weeks / 16 calendar months

Character and Health Requirements

For a character requirement check, you must show a confirmation of having applied for an Australian Federal Police check, that has a 12-month validity, before you can apply for the Visa.

In order the fulfill the health requirement, you and all dependent family members must undergo medical examinations

Health Insurance Requirements

You should have an appropriate level of health insurance that ensures it covers all medical costs for you and all dependent family members for the entire duration of your stay in Australia

You must have active health insurance before you can apply for a Skilled graduate visa 

Your health insurance can be either in Australia or your home country

*If you are still on a student visa, your application for a temporary graduate visa will be allowed if you have Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC). However, OSHC won’t be approved if your student visa has expired or you have been given a bridging visa. Ensure you do not have any outstanding debts to the Australian government.


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